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What is the use of jaw-dropping sceneries if you don’t get the full experience of it, right? That is just the services offered by shuttle companies if you want to travel from Whittier to Anchorage. Travel time can take from 1.5 to two hours. This would expose you to at least an hour of scenic views that you can make unscheduled stops for when you come across something unexpected or interesting.

Face it, when it comes to Mother Nature, there is always something interesting just waiting to happen. Even in the coldest areas, Mother Nature would always have something up her sleeve to distract you from the cold. Thus, it is worthwhile to visit Alaska. The view if you travel from Whittier to Anchorage is breathtaking.

The aesthetic overload will leave you wanting more. When you take in the beauty of nature typical to Alaska, you will take that habit and find beauty in everything else. Traveling is like being suspended in the now. The destination becomes a distant thought amidst all the scenic views that you would see.

The best way to know Alaska is to mingle with the local residents and immerse yourself in the natural wonders. By availing of the shuttle services, there would be a lot of you-and-nature time. You get to make a few or a lot of unscheduled stops the same way when you are self-driving, but without the distraction that may affect your driving when you are in control of the wheels. Thus, shuttle services are popular because you are allowed as much freedom to explore many things. Trains aren’t allowed stops at all. Buses have scheduled stops only. In shuttle services, you may be allowed many interesting stops that aren’t listed in the itinerary.

Anchorage is one of the busiest places in Alaska. There is so much to do and see. To get the most of Anchorage, you can hike towards Flattop Mountain Trail located in Chugach State Park. Once you get to a high point, you can view most of Anchorage, Mt. McKinley, Cook Inlet, Mt. Foraker, Mt. Redoubt, and Mt. Spurr. If you have children traveling with you, a hike is not recommended. Ask your shuttle services if you a stop can be arranged at Flattop Mountain. Otherwise, you can drive there for the view that you shouldn’t miss.

Museums, restaurants, and other amenities you miss when living in a city is available in Anchorage. So, you get to experience both city and wild life in Alaska. Whether you are on-route or at a particular spot, you won’t miss the artificial and natural wonders that best embody Alaska. Your travel experiences will likely be unmatched even if you come back next time. No one can really tell for how long you get to come back to this beautiful place.

Sit back, enjoy, and let the shuttle services worry about the transportation problems.

Just a friendly reminder: there aren’t any plane services from Whittier to Anchorage. The best and the most comfortable way to get there is via bus shuttle. So, enjoy the travel as much as the destination!


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